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The alternative to the Cheap Runescape gold

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    Jan 22
    You can also get these weird special versions of resources such as logs that give more XP or something when you utilize them. It has been some time since I played and I just got to OSRS gold like 1500 or so complete before shifting to OSRS, but afaik there was not any way to"straight" buy any of the material, just roll for this.

    Some of the XP lamps even give you double XP up to a particular amount, essentially giving around twice the lamp XP. You get like two different popups every world change or login, and there is an obnoxious button and banner on your hud often times too.

    Loyalty Points largely give cosmetics like outfits, recolors, names, and emotes, but they also get Auras, which give buffs for a length and go on cooldown.

    Events are ordered so that you usually can't get all of the rewards without either spending cash or grinding an ungodly number of hours in a short period.

    I'd argue it's in its absolute worst currently. It's especially bad once the marketing Yak Track comes around. The Yak Track was likely to be the alternative to the Cheap Runescape gold rampant Treasure Hunter promos that Jagex runs, but the last few have mistreated people's FOMO and leaves the challenges ridiculously dull to strongarm them to big action skips with Bonds.

    I exclusively play Ironman mode there, but I heard is that they went back to the guarantee of Yak Track substituting TH promos and are biking them through like normal even if the Tracks are running.That's only 1 example.