Myjoye Terms of Service

The Terms of Service of, otherwise known as My Joy Events Center administers users’ access to and use of the web site services. These service covers all the features on our website: emails, applications, widgets, virtual conferences and webinars, advertisements, business transactions and all other services that link to the terms of service of Myjoye.


All other data in the form of texts, graphics, and pictures, videos that can either be uploaded or downloaded are what we shall define as the content of our website and its use are dependent on your agreement with and compliance with our terms. Your patronage of our services conveys the understanding that you have accepted to be bound our terms.

1. Terms of our Service (Basic)


2. Content on


3. User's Passwords


4. User's Rights


5. User's license to Use the Services of


6.  The Rights of


7. Limitations on Content and Use of the Service


8. Copyright Policy


9. Ending The Terms of Service on


10. General Terms


        A. Waiver and Severability


        B. Controlling Law and Jurisdiction


        C. Entire Agreement