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  • October 23, 2021 - hosted by Dingkin Dingkin
  • October 12, 2021 - hosted by Noormgha Noormgha
  • December 18, 2020 - hosted by rsgold shop
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  • October 26, 2019 - hosted by Alex Ayitey
    Business Meeting

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It is our belief that our users be given the opportunity and empowerment to display their talents, ideas and vocations and share them immediately with others all over the world. It is also our belief that there should not be any limitations towards these accomplishments; but there are interests, safety, and experiences of many that must be protected by us. This is why in, otherwise known as The Global Events Center, we enforce rules regarding the type and source of content that is displayed and we expect that all users of this social media will respect and abide by them. We shall not hesitate to temporarily or permanently lock and / or suspend any account that is found to be in violations of these rules.

 At the Global Events Center, we commit ourselves to changing or updating these rules, intermittently, and we reserve the right to do so.


Content Limitations and Use of


In, certain boundaries are in place regarding the type of content that users display, or publish. These boundaries are enforced by us in order to ensure that users feel comfortable and free to sustain their connections and communications with others.


  • Trademark: Any fictitious or deceptive logs, business names, or usernames shall be considered as misleading to the general virtual social network and shall be immediately and permanently suspended.
  • Copyright: com shall react, with promptitude, to all clear and complete notifications of allegations in copyright violations. Our copyright procedures are clearly recorded in the Terms of Service. 
  • Graphic content:: You are not permitted to use images, of pornography or extreme violence in your header image, background image, or display image. Only some form of images marked as sensitive media, that seek viewer discretion may be allowed, but we will request that any content that exceed boundaries into images of gratuitous murder, death, and torture be removed entirely out of respect for the deceased.
  • Unlawful use: disapproves of the use her services unlawfully for the purposes of illegal activities or agenda. All users (locally and internationally) must abide with all local laws pertaining to the use, acceptable conduct, and content of the virtual media.
  • Misuse of badges or logos: You are not permitted to use  badges or logos of any kind as part of the background images, header photos, background images that may wrongly imply your unique affiliation with beyond your status as a user, except provided by,  accounts identified to be in violation may be suspended.
  • Abusive Behavior rejects any behaviors of abuse, harassment, intimidations, or any other behaviors targeted at silencing another user’s voice, or opinions. We advocate for freedom of expression and will not condone with any behaviors or actions to the contrary.


We shall ensure that any accounts, or behaviors identified to be involved in the following actions may be subject to temporary or indefinite suspension.


  • Violent threats (direct or indirect): You are not permitted to promote terrorism, make threats, and inject threats of violence, or encourage violence in your language.
  • Harassment: You are not permitted to stimulate or indulge in the abuse or harassment of other users. At we consider abuse or harassment to consist of the following:
  • Any content that contains abusive or harassing information and that is intended for that purpose.
  • Any content that is displayed, submitted, or published from one user’s end and contains threats, accusations and insults.
  • Any content that instigates or encourages others to indulge in harassments or violence, targeting both non-users and other users of
  • Any account that contains content of harassment, violence, or threats in sending information to other single or multiple accounts.
  • Hateful conduct: You are not permitted to incite or encourage hatred, violence, threats, or support such behaviors on the grounds of gender identity, gender, religious affiliation, disability, disease, race, national origin, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Users who have the primary purpose of inciting and, or, inflicting harm will be suspended or utterly removed.
  • Multiple account abuse: You are not permitted to open more than one account at a time with overlapping uses, with the purpose of evading the temporary or indefinite suspension of an account that is under investigation.
  • Private information: You are not allowed to expose, upload, or submit other people’s personal and confidential information like credit cards, social security / national identity numbers, credit cards, voting information without their approval. Personal, intimate, or private photos or videos cannot be uploaded, posted, distributed or published without approval of the target individual concerned. Please refer to our privacy policy here
  • Impersonation: You are not permitted to imitate, make fun of, or conduct yourself in any manner that can be described as impersonating others through with the intention of hurting, confusing, misleading or deceiving others. Please refer to our impersonation policy here
  • Self-harm: People may publish threats about harming themselves or taking their lives. In order to save lives and you are strongly advised to report such publications to us. When we receive it, we take certain steps like reaching out to the person, and recommending contact resources to the person for help.


Spam has the responsibility of protecting users from spam and any form of exploitation. We shall not hesitate to temporarily or indefinitely suspend any account that is found to be engaging in the following activities.


  • Malware/Phishing: You are not allowed to upload, submit, or publish malicious content aimed at destroying, sabotaging, another person’s project, computer or browser or to expose a persons’ privacy.
  • Spam: if a large number of users have filed a spam complaints against you


We reserve the right at to immediately terminate any account without prior notice in the event that we consider any user to be in violation of these rules or Terms of Service