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We would love to certainly make an apology for the server

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    Aug 30
    The Dark and Darker launch is right here, but the roguelike RPG has validated so popular Dark And Darker Gold that it’s experienced a crash, main Ironmace to refund reproduction purchases.

    Dark and Darker, the Ironmace roguelike RPG game, has sooner or later found a distributor and made it to launch. Following a lawsuit from Nexon regarding alleged similarities with an unannounced sport provisionally called P3, Dark and Darker changed into removed from Steam and other storefronts. Now, it's been launched through Chaf Games, and tested so right away famous that Ironmace reports server crashes and is offering refunds to gamers who might also have skilled replica purchases.

    On Monday, August 7, Ironmace introduced that it had determined a distributor in Chaf Games and that Dark and Darker could be launched in early get admission to. The developer also stated that it might pursue a return to Steam. However, right now following the early get right of entry to launch, Dark and Darker servers are reported to have crashed, with Ironmace issuing a statement regarding purchases which are “stuck in limbo.”

    “We would love to certainly make an apology for the server issues experienced earlier nowadays at the release of our platform,” Ironmace developer ‘SDF’ says. “All purchases that have been stuck in limbo are being refunded through Xsolla. Due to an unexpectedly high volume of visitors, our servers encountered database troubles which may additionally have disrupted your experience.”

    The developer then shares an “immediate motion plan” aimed toward resolving Dark and Darker’s cheap Darker Gold
    server issues and presenting any important refunds.