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Mmoexp FIFA 23:Slide tackling from behind almost always

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    September 10, 2023
    As your positioning improves, youll be putting yourself within reach of the offensive player and FUT 23 Coins thus the ball.As you approach the opposing player, use the Jockey ability while inching closer and automatically take the ball off of the offensive player when youre close enough.

    As you jockey, use stand tackle (the shoot button) to manually take the ball from the offensive player, though at the increased risk of missing the ball and fouling.To Jockey, hold LT on Xbox or L2 on Playstation and each can be combined with the sprint button for more aggressive Jockeying.

    You should only use stand tackle if you think that Jockeying will not separate the forward from the ball, but missing it will leave you flat-footed.Slide Tackling (the lob pass button) is by far the riskiest defensive maneuver and should only be considered in situations where you have no other option.

    Often, slide tackling is best used by Left or Right Backs as they attempt to stop a player from blowing by them on the wings, and having a clear path to goal.You should only slide tackle if you are coming at the attacker head-on or if you can perfectly time a slide from their side, as you must make contact with the ball first to avoid being assessed a foul.

    Slide tackling from behind almost always results in a Yellow Card but can be a Red Card depending on where the tackle happens ndash; in other words, avoid it.Once youve gotten your feet wet and learned how to stop cheapest FIFA 23 Coins attackers from making a mockery of your defense, you can start to think tactically about your play.