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Fnatic Tekkz, one of the best FIFA 23 players

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    November 29, 2022
    When Ronaldo scored his goal, he ran off and FIFA 23 Coins doing his famous SIU celebration, and both the crowd as well as him can be heard making the SIU sound that is the most loud it's ever been. The image of the entire celebration has also been upgraded to be more appealing than it was before. Watch the video below.

    There are also new celebrations that have been added to FIFA 23. Diogo Jota's signature dance, The Gamer has been included along with viral NFL party, The Griddy, which was performed by stars like Anthony Elanga and Christian Pulisic.

    Sam Kerr's The Flip celebration has also been introduced in the sense that FIFA 23 is the first edition to feature women's team football. This has pleased the Commercial Director of the Football Association, Navin Singh.

    He said: "I'm delighted that the Barclays Women's Super League will be one of the first women's club competitions to be included in EA Sport's FIFA 23, with the team having historically been one of the largest and most active gaming communities anywhere in the world.

    "The enhanced visibility that a globally-renowned brand like EA SPORTS will provide for our teams, leagues and players is not to be undervalued. This is in great support of our mission to accelerate the growth of women's game in England, and highlights our determination to expand for the Barclays Women's Super League, and make it even more accessible, and to new viewers across the world."

    Fnatic Tekkz, one of the best FIFA 23 players around the world has named the top three players you need in your Ultimate Team this year.The latest version of EA Sports' hit franchise launched last month, with gamers keen to put together the best team possible.The right team and players can be difficult in buy FUT 23 Coins the beginning in any sport. Who better to ask the best tips than an experienced professional?