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The basketball arena is going from NBA 2k23

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    December 15, 2022
    "I remember 2K11. the first time we had Jordan on the cover, I was like, 'How NBA 2K23 MT are we gonna get bigger than this?' We had just put a bunch of legends in the game for the first time, this Jordan challenge is amazing, the graphics are so insane, but the evolution of MyCareer has taken that to a whole new level. I think we're just scratching the surface of what we can do."

    You dropped the game off for Travis Scott, you have J. Cole on the cover, you had Lil Wayne at your launch event, how have you made those connections?It's talked about every day, and you notice it everywhere. You've seen that Serge Ibaka thing last week which saw him get 35 million listeners on Spotify.

    It's like living in a sense. So 2K's role in this regard is to be as authentic as is possible and to push the boundaries of our culture. Therefore, wherever we can play into this, I believe it's going to delight us.I must ask you this. Many fans have wondered why there wasn't a joint cover featuring LeBron and MJ for the legendary edition? Did you guys consider LeBron?

    I'm sure 23 jumps into everyone's mind, but I believe that placing Jordan on the cover was more of a declaration about the best of all time , and we believed that this was the best 2K ever, and we wanted to make an impact by placing Jordan on the cover. This is the year of excellence, and we felt that Jordan was the right choice. We've collaborated with LeBron on previous covers and we'll continue to do so. LeBron is a fantastic partner , but the same thing with Jordan for us.

    I'm sure the fans would like Kobe in 2K24. Could there be a chance of this? Who knows? We're really excited about 2K23 at the moment. Twenty-four seems like a long way off however, we're having those discussions early and we'll have to see.At when will you begin to think about what's coming up in the 2nd half of this year? I'm not sure we'll ever get to that point. The game will remain in its life cycle for a few years. We released 2K22 content a week or two years ago.

    The basketball arena is going to be 24/7 and 365 days a year and, with our game it will be authentic basketball. It should be exactly the same. The question you're asking me is what is the time to begin thinking Buy MT 2K23 about marketing strategies for covers, and so on I believe it's an ongoing conversation, just like we've discussed 2K24 and 2K25. Perhaps this is the way I could answer a question that I'm certain will come and that is, what's how do we get the Devin Booker cover right and how can we reach Devin?