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Mmoexp WoTLK Classic:This is kind of nice to be honestwith

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    October 23, 2023
    It is impossible to function in a dungeon within a raid or in an open world. This WoTLK Gold is just insane. A lot of players have been asking: What is Blizzard doing about this? What can they do to fix these huge queues.

    And they finally actually spoken out today about this. And I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the algorithm which put it together in a massive post so that we can understand everything going on. In the end, it's not going to get better.

    It's happening fast. Before we dive into the article itself and talk about what's going on with the servers, I'll just say I have finally updated all of my week or as so you can see my dk HUD and everything else is updated with buffs tracking . It's also included in all of your CDs tracking, and all of the debuffs that's finally up to date. And I finally have that all inside the actual discord channel. This entire week was all about classes, every single specification that I play.

    As this isn't a video that I was planning to publish today, it won't be the video that will have giveaways for the 30k subs. It's still going to be a massive giveaway at 35.000 members on the YouTube channel. I want to thank you much for your support, make sure to join the channels for memberships to receive exclusive content that I'm set to publish this weekend. Again, I love you guys, thank you for all the support. It's Unreal. Thank you. Let's talk about the details. I'm sure you've all seen posts like this, or perhaps have experienced it yourself at this moment.

    Basically, all of the super servers have queues in excess of a day, so if you're not yet logged in to the game at the beginning or perhaps a remote desktop in or something like that, at peak hours there's a good chance you're not making it through, you're absolutely missing the race times. You're likely not going to be able to play in the event that you decide to go back from work and then relax in your home and enjoy World of Warcraft. That's not happening right now as there's a huge waiting times on all servers that we want to use.

    Well, today, Blizzard responded, basically kind of breaking everything in our favor. In addition, they informed us of what's being implemented. The first option was to shut down new character creation , as well as payments to the US and EU mega servers.

    This is kind of nice to be honestwith you, because the fact that people are returning to play this game in the moment the launch date will occur, servers are going to become more crowded since people return to buy WoTLK Classic Gold play this game, or trying it for their first time and everybody kind of flocks towards the massive servers because they're being told not to leave there.