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As someone who has played every iteration

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    November 4, 2022
    From my own personal testing on the Xbox Series X with an official Xbox Series X controller, I would say roughly 7/10 pitches have correct inputs in FUT 23 Coins full wireless mode, with that number getting slightly better if the controller is wired to the console.

    As someone who has played every iteration of this series dating back to the days of 989 Sports, it is getting harder and harder to impress me on the field, but that’s precisely what has happened this year with FIFA 23. However, before anyone becomes too excited, I was a fan of how the game played between the chalk in ’21 also, and I don’t believe there is anything in ’22 that will blow you away if have not been a fan of the gameplay for whatever reason.

    That said, I do understand some of the critiques last year, especially as it relates to elements of hitting like hit variety and check swing inconsistencies. On the pitching side of things, I do think it got too “easy” with Pinpoint at a certain point, and that has been tweaked as well here. In short, I found things here to be more refined, more natural, and more authentic.

    The sixth Feature Premiere for FIFA 23 was for Ballplayer and Road to the Show. I was interested in this one going into it because Road to the Show and Ballplayer took some lumps last year. Franchise mode got the most heat, but many folks did not like some of the structural changes to RttS and Ballplayer. While most everyone agreed the mode felt stale, how SDS went about updating the various aspects of Road to FIFA 23 Coins buy the Show did not hit the mark for many people.