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Sometimes referred to as “playing on ice skates”

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    October 19, 2022
    You know, leave it to EA to make the best card so far — when factoring in FUT 23 Coins price point — a Road to the Final card rather than a FIFA 23 card. Be that as it may, I do think this is the best card of the promo so far. A green link to Militao is fantastic, and there are other good Brazilian defenders he can tie in with as well. Beyond the links, base 90 strength with his general pace and aggression are a killer combo.

    He’s the exact type of CB you need in this meta, and it’s a real nice opportunity to get a card into your rotation that even has upside potential with future upgrades. Sevilla is one of the favorites in Europa League at this point, so I would expect if all goes according to plan that this card is going to get at least one more upgrade. Considering the fact that this card is already playable, that is incredibly enticing. I do think some people still have someone like Road to the Final Juan Jesus on their mind as well, as they should as his one amazing upgrade turned him into a card that skyrocketed on the market. Now, obviously Diego Carlos will be untradeable, but the point is these Road to the Final cards can really pay dividends on and off the pitch if you stick with them.

    Since the last FIFA 23 patch, the team has been focused on optimizing the following issues:

    Button responsiveness: how quickly the game responds to your inputs.Sometimes referred to as “input lag/delay”.Input loss: when an input is performed correctly on a controller, but it is not reflected in-game.Sometimes referred to as “buttons not registering”.Game speed: when the online gameplay does not appear to be running at the expected speed.

    Sometimes referred to as “playing on ice skates”, “game feels slow”, “playing in mud” or “players not getting enough traction”.Temporary freezing: when the online gameplay freezes for any amount of time during a match.Sometimes referred to as a “micro stutter”. As with most “fixes” there are buy FIFA 23 Coins trade-offs that must to be considered when optimizing the game…