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What Monopoly Go house rules speed up the game?

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    November 19, 2023 11:14 PM PST

    Monopoly Go is a classic board game known for its lengthy gameplay. However, players often introduce house rules to expedite the game and make it more time-friendly. Here are some popular house rule variations that can help shorten the duration of a Monopoly Go game:

    Time Limit: Set a predetermined time limit for the game, such as two hours. When the time is up, the player with the highest net worth (including cash, properties, and assets) emerges as the winner.

    Auctioning Properties: By default, when a player lands on an unowned property and chooses not to buy it, it goes up for auction in monopoly go mod apk. Implementing this rule strictly can speed up the game as it ensures properties get sold quickly, preventing long stretches of the game without any transactions.

    Free Parking Jackpot: The traditional rule states that money paid as fines and taxes goes to the center of the board, commonly referred to as "Free Parking." Instead of accumulating money in Free Parking, some players opt to place a predetermined amount of money in the center at the start of the game. When a player lands on Free Parking, they collect this jackpot. This rule injects more cash flow into the game, making it more dynamic and potentially accelerating the gameplay.

    Limited Houses and Hotels: To expedite the building phase, players can agree to cap the number of houses and hotels available. For example, instead of requiring four houses before constructing a hotel, players can reduce it to three. This modification speeds up property development, leading to faster rent accumulation and shorter overall game duration.

    Property Trading Facilitation: Encourage property trading among players by introducing additional incentives. For instance, allowing players to offer "sweeteners" like cash, properties, or skipping turns to facilitate mutually beneficial deals. This rule motivates more active trading, advancing the game at a brisk pace.

    Bankruptcy Rule Modification: By adjusting the bankruptcy rules, players can hasten the elimination of players from the game. For example, instead of allowing bankrupt players to remain in the game as debt collectors, they can be eliminated immediately, ensuring a more rapid progression towards the end.