IGV WoW Classic Wotlk Gold Guide to Help you Farming more Gold

  • Down below in this Wotlk Gold farming guide we will explore the most efficient ways of making money in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, which will be helpful both for new and returning players to venture through the fresh content with their pockets full.

    Skinning – Gold Farming

    If we look at TBC Classic, Skinning was majorly profitable until you got to Outland and instantly lost all value; in WOTLK Classic, Blizzard corrected this mistake by making skinning one of the top professions to gain gold fast.

    Skinning requires a skinning knife and to kill a beast mob. Once you’ve looted it, you can proceed to skin the mob for leathers and the most sought-after item, Arctic Fur. Arctic Fur is used to purchase recipes for Leatherworkers in the late game and is pivotal for crafting components. You can expect to sell Arctic Furs at an incredibly lucrative amount, along with the bonus of making heavy Borean leather from regular Borean leather.

    Mining – Second Best Money-Making Profession in WOTLK Classic

    Mining has always been a ‘gold mine’ in World of Warcraft; honestly, it makes sense. Most professions use raw ores to make end game gear, and it is widely used in Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Engineering, and even Leatherworking. Taking mining during WOTLK Classic is a no-brainer as you will have an endless demand for your raw materials, making it a solid second place for the best profession to take for money making.


    If you plan to make some WotLK gold in Wrath of the Lich King, it’s advisable to know the best gold farming class WotLK that can make this routine process better. Of course, you can play any character you want, but three classes can benefit greatly in farming:

    Paladin – have good damage and protection abilities for spot farming, and also have Crusader Aura which increases movement speed (very helpful for gathering professions);

    Mage – the solid choice for spot farming because of great AoE damage;

    Druid – Flying Form saves your time from mount casting during the gathering and helps to get you to herb or mining spawns in awkward positions. Also, you can use Balance spec and its AoE damage for spot farming.

    Where are the Best Farming Spots for WOTLK Classic Gold?

    Spots that allow players to earn a lot of WOW Gold in a short time are the most attractive Farming Spots. Generally speaking, players always need to spend a lot of time and energy doing tasks in the game. If you get more Gold at the same time, then these locations are worth checking out. RPGStash has rounded up the best Farming Spots for you below.

    Eternals (Wintergrasp)

    Freshworks – Icecrown (Pre Quest Chain) (Mobs dropping straight silver at enormous rates)

    Thormodan – Grizzly Hills (Low-Level Farming Spot) (Massive Bonus Exp and huge gold rewards)

    Excavators in Sholazar Basin (High Blue/Green Drops)

    Stormpeaks (Just below Terrace of the Makers) (meat farming spot)

    Stormpeaks K3 Cave (Spidersilk farm from Crystalweb Weavers)

    Get WOW Gold fast by farming trash mobs and selling all green/blue on the auction house for enchanter disenchant gear.

    Finally, buy some gold help you enjoy the game. Players should know the way to farm gold in WoW Classic WotLK, because a lot of strong equipment cost a large amount of Classic WLK Gold in the game. Or you can Buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold to purchase the right gear for your characters in order to improve their capacities in battle. If you decide to buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold, https://www.igv.com/WoW-Classic-WLK-Gold is a good choice for you.