Consider weight when choosing Real Life Sex Doll

  • The life-size Sex Doll is the same as a real person in terms of height and stature, but it is not the same in importance. Especially the Sex Doll over 160cm will feel very difficult to hold. When you bathe the realistic Sex Doll, you have to carry it to the shower. Therefore, when buying Cheap Sex Dolls you must take its weight into account.

    Generally speaking, if you buy a Sex Doll for sleeping and companionship, then you'd better choose a smaller, lighter Sex Doll. Lovedollshops offers thousands of different styles of Sex Dolls, which are completely made according to different types of real people, so, you can buy almost any Sex Doll you want.

    Sex in the future is highly playful, whether, therefore, the intimate satisfaction of things, creating more and more standards, technology has the potential to enable non-human sexuality to exist. Male sex dolls, Needless to say, your storage not only protects your love dolls but also promotes privacy and confidentiality.

    life size male sex doll

    Lovedollshops has done a fantastic job of making Sex Dolls. Strictly use medical material silicone or non-toxic and harmless TPE material to make Sex Doll, so that customers can buy with confidence. Professional designers devote themselves to studying the beauty of human beings and discovering their beauty. The strict production process makes Lovedollshops more praised by customers. At the same time, Lovedollshops has received authorization from multiple brands, allowing more users to buy Sex Dolls of different brands here.

    OR DOLL For Sale

    OR DOLL Game Lady Doll are made with high technical standard TPE materials and advanced designs. OR Doll sells a lot of love dolls every day at many sex doll shops. Their full size sex doll is cheap with good quality. It is a good bargain for sex doll buyers.

    OR DOLL is a love doll manufacturer founded in 2005. The factory is over 20,000 square. Currently, they have a total of 230 employees, including professional sculptors, designers, and 20 technicians. They specialize in developing, designing, producing and selling TPE sex dolls. Their famous products are 165cm sex doll, 156cm sex doll( B.D.E.G.H-cup).146cm, 138cm,123cm, 108cm, Torso sex doll( H-cup breasts) and Torso small sex doll.