Can I customize the Sex Doll of celebrity avatars?

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    Almost all suppliers with the qualification to make Sex Dolls provide the function of customizing Sex Dolls, and Lovedollshops is no exception. More and more people want to customize Sex Dolls with celebrity faces to seek greater stimulation, so use customized real Sex Dolls. May I?

    In addition to changing the color of the Sex Doll's body, Tpe Sex Doll suppliers can also change its appearance and shape. All aspects such as body shape can be customized, but if you want to customize the face of a celebrity, although it is technically possible, it is not legally allowed, because it is designed to the issue of the celebrity's portrait rights.

    Lovedollshops can design features similar to celebrities, in addition, to custom options common to silicone dolls and TPE dolls, choice of vagina type, choice of another doll head, and choice of breast type.

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