You also couldn't add custom created teams as expansion teams

  • They sold"expansion NBA 2K MT packs" or rushed out sequels to acquire you paying another $59.99 instead of $0.25 every go'round. Subsequently console marketplaces became the standard and internet access spread. They realized they could do! Hurry crap sequels out then charge you for DLC and dressing items. Nothing has changed, aside from individuals have idealized particular franchises and the marketplace has allowed exclusivity deals so particular NBA 2K23 games just exist from one source, so that they know if you would like to play that kind of game you're giving them your money whatever the quality.

    Yes they still purchase them. And they're spending a ton on microtransactions as well. Proceed some other sports subreddit and it has jokes about madden ratingskills, or fifa cards. You used to have the ability to mod everything about NBA 2K23. Custom arenas, uniforms, shoes, they have locked it down so you have to purchase their shit or grind forever. You can still perform all the custom made team things --the positioning, from group logos, custom arenas, uniforms, arena sound effects of your group. As I gotta say that on newspaper and it is wonderful. I spent HOURS creating a brand-new team from the ground up. It was a ton of fun to create them.

    However, that whole feature has been a joke for like 4/5 years now. You cant use created teams in online franchises, otherwise it'll lock NBA 2K23 upward once you head to exit your session and it will count NBA 2K23 you played. I've NEVER been able to acquire the custom jerseys to operate properly, especially the alternate uniforms, which seemed as white uniforms that are standard 100. The home/away uniforms would load 30% of their time. Customs arenas would work most of the time however, it had an audio issue where would randomly simply quit working. You also couldn't add custom created teams as expansion teams since they'd lock NBA 2K23 up as well. As Buy NBA 2K MT I said, if it all worked correctly, itd be an awesome feature. But it's been an absolute joke of a broken mess for many years now. Major.