You can even change the colors of each battle

  • It lets you customize loads of different settings that WoTLK Gold you otherwise would require several different accessories to complete what you want to do, like selling junk, automatically switching in quests, blocking invitations or duels, altering the speed at which loot is taken, changing your unit's frames, and much more. Absolutely a must accessory in every scenario. After that we get questi, which is likely the most used add on listed on this list.

    Questi is your guide to quests and help her throughout your journey to level with your right hand should you will. If you're a King or a queen, it shows your icons on the map of enemies you have to kill. the current quests and previews them on the screen. It can even completely customize the information you receive for each quest.

    But, playing questing using its default settings will do well. It's a very light addition that can greatly increase the efficiency of your game while you play. The threat plate are definitely a choice of mine and the final one to be added. It replaces the default names of enemies and friendly targets while providing additional information about buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, and much more.

    You can even change the colors of each battle scenario to better suit your visual comfortability. Despite being a little heavy relative to the others. It's definitely an amazing accessory to us. In case you guys are not fond of threats plates you can use Plater and moving on to the premium cheap WoTLK Gold add-ons for life We have add-ons like any font, which changes your default battle numbers into any type you want.