This class guide covers a detailed overview

  • Flash Step is your best bet for mobility. Heavenly Lost Ark Gold Squash is a very powerful AoE ability. The other recommended leveling abilities include Magnetic Palm, Deadly Finger, and Lightning Palm.

    For most PvE content you want to have a skill rotation of buffs then AoE damage. When you use your Awakening World Decimation, make sure you're in the highest hype-level to deal maximum damage.

    Soulfist Awakening Skills

    Here are the Soulfist's two Awakening skills.

    World Decimation - World Decimation is the preferred Awakening skill in almost every scenario. This massive AoE hitter deals huge damage, but is notoriously difficult to hit, especially on big Raid bosses who just love to move at the last minute. Much of the Soulfist's kit relies on hitting this, though, so you better practice. Annihilating Ray - The Annihilating Ray is much more reliable in terms of hitting your enemies, but the death ray deals a lot less damage, and, quite frankly, is a lot less fun to use.

    Lost Ark's Striker is an upcoming class in the Western release of the game, a subclass underneath the 'Martial Artist' class. The Striker is a fast-paced melee character.

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    This class guide covers a detailed overview of what to expect when you choose the Striker as your main in Lost Ark. Follow-up guides will go into more detail regarding builds and play styles. This is just designed to give you an idea of what the class is all about.

    Like all our Lost Ark class overviews, we monitor any Lost Ark Gold buy changes to the game and have updated these guides to be accurate for the launch of the NA/EU version of the game.