Summoners are one of the best classes to climb the ranks

  • The Sharpshooter is a fun class and can be played in a couple of Lost Ark Gold different ways Sort of squishy, decently mobile, but provides a lot of great sustain damage to make up for it Fun stealth mechanics that are useful in PvP more than anything

    Support plays an important role in endgame raids, so it's not all about spamming abilities Support is also important at the highest PvP ranks The Bard is fun to play, with some DPS options, but you want to focus mainly on support, to begin with

    PvP Note: Support plays just as an important role in PvP as it does raids. Teams with a support character on their side generally do better.

    The Summoner has been removed from the NA/EU release of Lost Ark. We are leaving this section here, because, well, the Summoner will be back eventually.

    The Summoner, well, summons pets that can be used during combat. This class is pretty fun with a lot of variety in the skillset, with a number of abilities that are focused attacks rather than summons. This class is relatively straightforward - if you can work around the finicky pet summons, you will be able to complete PvE raids and perform well in PvP.

    Squishy and quite low burst damage Better for sustained damage during long fights Low mobility

    PvP Note: You might often hear that Summoners are one of cheap Lost Ark Gold the best classes to climb the ranks, and that's mostly because the class is so simple to use. Low mobility is an issue but that easy damage makes up for it.