Our big season updates are free

  • During the livestream they discussed how to play the Diablo IV Gold battle pass (around the 39:15 mark in the video below) and also the coming seasons of the game. "It's essential for us to balance the things that you'd find inside the combat pass" Piepiora told the crowd, "the way that they're compelling but still very fair. We do not want to create any scenarios where players feel like they're paying for winning. "To make a clear distinction between the battle pass and Diablo 4's seasons, Piepiora explained that "the seasons are still an integral part of Diablo 4, in the manner that you encountered it the first time in Diablo 3." The chapter-based mechanic will provide players a variety of goals as they progress through the season and will allow players to earn rewards within the game for their characters. "All of the content for the season is totally free. It's not linked to the battle pass," Shely adds.

    In an effort to clarify any confusion, Shely clarified that when Diablo 4 launches on June 6 2023, it will not launch immediately with season one. "Season one will be released some time after the launch of the game, and once season one is launched all players will start at the same time, everybody will be on an even chance to play," the developer said. The features that allow for competition in Diablo 4 (e.g. : leader boards) will likely to appear in the seasons therefore those who don't pay for early access won't have to be concerned about unfairness.

    "Our big season updates are free. They're packed with the latest progression mechanics, fresh monsters to battle, quests, challenges, as well as content for you to buy Diablo 4 Gold devour," Piepiora says "there's lots of things to look for and all that is included in costs included in the box of the game you've bought."