We have disabled the Corrupted love pack skins

  • It was only an hour after a variety of Valentine's Day-themed cosmetics were put for sale within World of Warcraft that Amazon took the cosmetics off the shop, much to the dismay of the players. The truth is, the skins were affected by a glitch that could lead to server failures, but Amazon says that customers who managed to buy the skins will still be allowed to make use of the WoTLK Gold skins. The cosmetics will be returned to the store after a solution is found.

    We have disabled the Corrupted love pack skins and the brand-new Angels and Demons skins available in the store to find out about a problem that caused the skins to cause an error on the server. The thread is scheduled to be updated when we know more!

    It's not the first major glitch to hit World of Warcraft and likely won't be the final. Since the game's launch on September 20. 2021. Amazon has disabled the game's entire player-driven economy several times to look into and fix numerous coin and item duplication bugs. They also had to deal with an issue which made players virtually invincible, and find a solution for the time-traveling servers creating havoc for settlements and economies on servers and much more. While the majority of these significant issues were quickly fixed but it's not been a frequent issue whenever World of Warcraft releases a new patch.

    Amazon has announced that World of Warcraft would not get any new content during February, and the team instead focusing on improving the quality of life and bug fixes in the next update to the game. In a recent update to developers that was released, World of Warcraft's World of Warcraft team stated they had discovered that they required updates to the game's test world to players cheap WoTLK Classic Gold extra time to ensure that game-breaking bugs could be identified and feedback from players could be considered.