It is the Fury set of abilities

  • Arms The majority of your fundamental WoTLK Gold, but useful skills will be derived in the arms family of talents such as Charge, Hamstring, Heroic Strike and many more. You'll be using these skills a lot during your adventures which is why you should get them at the lowest rank as soon you've gotten to the point where you learn the way they function. Certain have abilities that are more limited like Overpower which isn't any use to normal opponents, but it will quickly kill rogues fighting back.

    As far as the talent tree is concerned the Arms talents are or improved versions of standard abilities or specializations for weapons. If you're keen to focus on certain types of weapons over all others, then specializations for weapons will be very beneficial, however they'll make it difficult to switch in the event that you discover a wonderful weapon you're not specialized in.

    The most prominent talent The most notable talent here is Mortal Strike, which allows players to inflict with double damage every six seconds it will cut down the efficiency of healing the victim by half. It'll consume about 1/3 from you Rage bar, and is the perfect reward for dropping 30 points of talent into the tree.

    Fury It is the Fury set of abilities focuses on boosting your damage output The majority of the abilities focused on making damage more effective in an attack, or allowing you to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. Additionally, Fury is the home to Shouts that can transform anger points to temporary bonuses for you and your team, or disorient or debuff your enemies. The most popular of these Shout to use is Battle Shout, which pretty all warriors will need to be constantly refreshed. It's only about two minutes buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. You'll have to be aware of its icon and repeat it whenever it flashes and if you are able to keep it going and keep it going, you'll be able to increase your power of attack significantly.