Path of Exile - A Guide to Crafting Double Influence Items

  • Path of Exile offers players the opportunity to create powerful and unique items through the use of the Awakener's Orb. While the game's currency system differs from traditional gold-based systems, POE Orbs not only serve as in-game currency but also play a crucial role in crafting some of the most potent items in the game.

    Understanding Influenced Items

    Before we delve into the concept of double influence, it's important to grasp the concept of influenced items. Influenced items are special items in Path of Exile that can be enhanced with modifiers. These items can be identified by their distinctive appearance and an icon displayed on the nameplates. Influenced items can be found primarily in maps, often dropped by bosses. It's worth noting that influenced items retain their influence type even after being modified.

    There are six different influences available in Path of Exile: Crusader, Warlord, Redeemer, Hunter, Shaper, and Elder. Double influence refers to the process of combining two items with different influences to create a hybrid item.

    The Role of the Awakener's Orb

    To fully grasp the concept of double influence, it is essential to understand the Awakener's Orb. This currency item is used to overwrite the influence of Path of Exile Currency item and apply it to another item of the same class. When the Awakener's Orb is used, the original item is destroyed, and the influence is transferred to the new item. The resulting item becomes a rare item with new modifiers. Additionally, the Awakener's Orb is instrumental in the creation of double influence items. To acquire an Awakener's Orb, players can obtain it through Sirus, Awakener of Worlds.

    The Awakener's Orb was introduced in a recent patch and has a drop rate of 20%. While it is not considered rare, it is not overly common either. Furthermore, the Exalted Orbs can be quite expensive, so players must weigh its value and decide whether it is worth the investment. One notable advantage of the Awakener's Orb is its ability to fuse both the base items and their respective modifiers from different influences.

    Example of Double Influence

    Let's explore an example to illustrate how a double influence situation can work. Suppose you have a Crusader item with an explosion modifier, such as the Crusader's Sentinel Jacket of the Lightning. By using the Awakener's Orb, you can take the Critical Strike Chance modifier from an Elder Vaal Regalia and apply it to the Crusader's Jacket, thereby combining the two influences and their associated modifiers.

    One challenge with this process is that the Awakener's Orb rerolls the modifiers, which can result in the addition of random mods. This aspect can introduce some complexity and unpredictability into the crafting process.

    In conclusion, understanding double influence crafting in Path of Exile goes beyond the realm of currency. Orbs serve as powerful tools for crafting unique and powerful items, allowing players to experiment with a wide range of interesting modifier combinations. By utilizing the Awakener's Orb and influenced items, players can create extraordinary items that enhance their gameplay experience.

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