Path of Exile 2 may not arrive until 2022

  • The pandemic has slowed down many game studios and their production progress. This time it is the turn of "Path of Exile 2" to put a big tick in the "You are delayed" box. According to Chris Wilson, head of Grinding Gear studio, the sequel-like expansion of Path of Exile may not be realized until 2022.

    Wilson said, "The development progress is not as fast as we hoped, so our goal is to do our best to fight "Path of Exile 2" in 2021 and see how much progress we have made. The release date is better understood."

    In order to make up for the wasted development time, Wilson said that they will start this year and may estimate the release date based on the completion time. "The progress of development is not as fast as we want, so our goal is to do our best to compete with campaigns like Path of Exile 2 and see how much progress we make during 2021. Do our best Work as much as possible. People have a better understanding of the expected release date, which should be later this year."

    Then a PC game player asked Wilson whether "Path of Exile 2" might be released in 2022, and he replied: "Yes, I think it is correct." Path of Exile 2 is set to be full of POE Currency Is the sequel to the action role-playing game, appearing in expanded form. It will introduce a new seven-act storyline that will be provided along with the original campaign. In addition, it will bring a new skill gem system, new advantage classes, and more similar things.

    Basically, Path of Exile is updated with new extensions every year, which is why they can always be ahead of video action games. In the game, Buy POE Orbs will bring players the most complete game fun and experience the wonderful visual experience of Path of Exile .

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