Top 4 SEO Trends You Need to Follow In 2021

  • Any digital marketing campaign is incomplete without a strong SEO strategy. Search engine optimisation helps your online business to get traffic all around the world organically, which, in turn, increases brand visibility and eventually boosts the overall sales growth. The future of digital marketing in South Africa promises great exposure according to the statistics that reflect increasing internet usage in the past several years.

    This is the reason why most businesses, especially the ones that are based in the capitals and popular cities in the country, are preferring to take their businesses online to have that extra edge over their competitors. Thus, opting for an SEO agency in Cape Town is preferably the right call to make if you are interested in being a part of this digital revolution. 

    SEO is an ever-changing process that needs to be practised even after getting desired results. That is why it is important to stay updated and follow the latest trends that may help you to stand out from the crowd.

    Focus on user and search intent

    This is not really a new trend per se, but marketers need to refocus on this aspect as it keeps changing regularly. Google has always prioritised focusing on user intent, which means when you are writing a piece of content it should properly answer the search query. In 2021, according to Google algorithms, the sites that follow E-A-T guidelines with original content will rank better than the ones that are lacking in it. 

    Focus on voice search

    According to reports, more than half of the smartphone users in 2020 have used voice search to ask to search for a piece of information in the search engines. As voice search queries mainly consist of long-tail keywords, it is important for webmasters to optimise their content accordingly, as this trend will most likely be increased in 2021 as well.

    Consider artificial intelligence

    Just like other industries, the usage and consideration of AI are increasing in SEO as well. Google has started using AI technology to provide results that are close to the exact answer a user might be searching for. Thus, utilising AI and machine learning can be extremely beneficial for the SEO strategy in terms of decoding the algorithms.

    Focusing on video marketing

    According to stats, the average attention span of an adult has dropped to less than 8 seconds. And therefore, people are more inclined toward video content rather than any other formats. Keeping this in mind, marketers need to focus on video SEO as well to be best at their game, and the best way to do this is to make your videos optimised for YouTube to reach the right audience.


    While these trends are not static and will change in a few years, including other factors like featured snippets, Google’s BERT, and core web vitals, following these, for now, will surely impact the rankings of your site in a good way.