Why Going Organic is Better for Your Skin

  • While there are a wide variety of skin care products available on the market these days, some are natural, while others are synthetic. Sure, all these products have the potential to be beneficial, but natural skin care products are typically the better choice out of the two. If you think about it – our skin is our largest organ and absorbs just about everything we put on it. Would you want your body absorbing natural products, or ones that are filled with synthetic and harmful chemicals?

    If you are in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, then choosing natural and organic skin care should be your top priority. Wondering why this is? Continue reading to find out why going organic is better for you and your skin!

    • Natural products are better for the environment: Unlike synthetic products, natural products do not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients that could affect the animals, plants, or ecosystems with which they come into contact with. In the same breath, the process of manufacturing such products is sustainable and does not put any stress on the environment.


    • Natural products are far safer to use on your skin: As previously stated, the ingredients contained within natural products are far safer and not harmful. Therefore, these beneficial ingredients will have beneficial effects on the body when absorbed into the skin, leaving you looking and feeling better. However, synthetic products, with their detrimental ingredients and chemicals, will have adverse effects on your body and skin.


    • The manufacturing of these products does not harm animals, nor the environment: You would be surprised by how many skin care manufacturers test their products on animals. Even the big names in the industry, that you would never guess, still undergo animal testing. However, the good news is that natural skin care manufacturers forego animal testing and are far more ethical and empathetic.


    • Natural products are packed full of beneficial nutrients: The most obvious difference between natural products and synthetic products is the ingredients they contain. The ingredient profiles are so different that, if you were to read the ingredients, you would think that they were two completely different types of products. Most products found in synthetic products are produced in labs.


    • Natural products are easier on the skin: One of the biggest issues with syntenic skin care products is the fact that they can be incredibly harsh and detrimental to certain skin types. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you should steer clear of these types of products, as they could burn your skin. This is why it is considered a good idea to opt for natural products, as they are free from irritants, and are beneficial to the skin.


    • There will be no doubt about your skin care routine, nor your health: When you use natural skin care products, you can be confident that you are putting the right products on your skin. In the same breath, the products will more often than not be cruelty-free and vegan, ensuring zero controversy around the products you use.