The Beneficial Metallic Properties of Aluminium

  • Aluminium is the second most popular metal across the world after steel. It is used in all types of construction sectors, from domestic dwellings to commercial buildings. The main market sectors are windows, roofing, cladding, structural glazing, curtain walling, architectural hardware, prefabricated building, shop fitting and partitions. Aluminium sheet suppliers in South Africa offer sheets in various sizes for different applications.

    The beneficial properties that make aluminium popular among different industries include –

    Strength versus weight

    The exceptional strength to weight ratio of aluminium is one of its primary appeals. The metal is 66% lighter than steel. Moreover, it is a lot less susceptible to brittle features. Compared to other metals, aluminium’s modulus of elasticity is greater. Aluminium also has a comparatively high co-efficient linear expansion. Usually, aluminium sheet suppliers in South Africa offer aluminium sections that are thinner and deeper than equivalent sections made of other metals. As a result, it achieves strength and rigidity that cannot be affected by moisture. As such, aluminium doors and windows do not warp, stick, or rot.

    Low maintenance

    Aluminium has a natural, built-in durability. A protective layer of oxide is formed by it when it is exposed to air. However, most aluminium construction products are also coated or treated. An electrolytic process named anodization is a common way of enhancing the oxidisation process. It makes aluminium even stronger in resisting aggressive environments. Now, you need to know that not all metals can withstand such processes. Aluminium is one of the few metals that are compatible with fabrications and various treatments. With these processes, the durability of aluminium products increases even more. As a result, the customers are provided with the benefit of low cost-in-use.

    Fabricated for the fast track

    As mentioned previously, the compatibility of aluminium with today’s fast track construction techniques is one of the reasons behind its growing popularity. You cannot see more accurate factory-finished sections allowing rapid erection on-site and a quick procedure of internal finishing than aluminium applications in construction. The result is quicker building occupancy along with great profit margins for the customer. Moreover, aluminium doors, shop fronts, and window systems offer compatible on-site benefits. Due to the high-level tolerance of the metal, you can drill, grind, and countersink it to exact requirements. It allows the easiest possible installation of glazing beads, ironmongery, and secondary components.


    The ability to recycle aluminium building products is also one of the most important factors, as these days, many building owners prefer deconstructing their buildings instead of demolishing. Rather than going in with a wrecking ball, owners now think more deliberately about how they can extract as many recyclable materials as possible before taking down a building. By doing this, not only is the scrap value of a material like aluminium retained, but it also eliminates the negative impact on the environment and the expenses of dumping it in a landfill.

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