An Essential Advisor to Help You with Your Finances

  • Nowadays, we always hear about how important it is to save. Saving helps prevent many problems, it helps us in situations we have not planned for, as well as in emergencies. It also helps later down the line when we want to purchase something that requires a large investment, such as a car or home. Saving is also of vital importance when we want to start a family, as having children can be expensive. The only issue is, where does one start? If you are looking to start saving, it is recommended that you seek the assistance and advice from a reputable investment advisor.

    An investment advisor is the perfect person when you want to save your money and become more money savvy. An investment advisor is someone who deals with your investment account and implements many tactics to allow you to save and grow your investment. These kinds of people are experts in the field of investments. They know the market, they know when things will fluctuate, and they can implement the best tactics to ensure wealth generation.

    However, the threat of choosing an unreputable investment advisor, so to speak, is all too real. There are many people who can pose a threat to you by pretending to be a legitimate investment advisor. In South Africa, checking the legitimacy of an investment advisor is a fairly simple and straightforward process. This can be done by checking for their FSP number. An FSP number is given to legitimate investment advisors once they have registered with the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority).

    If you approach an investment advisor in South Africa regarding their services and they are not registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), then you should not do any business with them or open any investment account.

    The most important factor in regard to any investment advisor is the transparency they can guarantee you. It is no secret that investing can often be a confusing process that many of us do not understand entirely. As such, it is imperative that you always choose an investment advisor that will offer you full transparency in all of their work, as well as allow you access to everything they do, so that you can see that the process is legitimate.

    There are many benefits to saving, but one must always pick an investment advisor that will protect and secure their clients investments, instead of robbing them. Investment advisors allow you to open a whole new world of benefits, all by saving and being money savvy. Never again will you run into a dire situation where you cannot afford to help yourself. Saving or having an investment advisor also allows for an early and planned retirement, where you are able to plan when you want to retire. While these will still be estimates, they are highly accurate, as investment advisors’ main jobs are to deal with everything in regards to investments.