The Benefits of the Four Wella Professionals Ranges

  • Wella Professionals has been supplying the professional hair industry with specially formulated, high performance products for several years now. In recent years, hair care products have been developed for consumers to use at home. All of which work towards the maintenance of the integrity, colour and health of your hair between your salon visits. There are several different Wella hair products available in South Africa. More specifically, four ranges. (Info source


    When determining which Wella hair products would be best to include in your hair care routine, there are several factors to consider. Have you every dyed, bleached or chemically treated your hair? What is your hair type and texture? Are there specific problems you wish to treat? Before choosing a range, take these above-mentioned considerations into account. The different ranges are suited to different hair requirements.


    These ranges include:

    1. The Wella Professionals Elements Range

    The Elements range is essentially the “free-of” care system. The Wella hair products within this range are free of sulphates, parabens and artificial colourants, making it the perfect product for hair that has been coloured or chemically treated. This range is able to provide protection to your hair, without compromising the current condition of your hair. The Elements range consists of a renew shampoo, lightweight conditioner, leave-in conditioning spray and renewing mask


    2. The Wella Professionals Fusion Range

    The Fusion range is the ultimate addition for those with colour-treated hair looking for products that assist with hair recovery. These Wella hair products are able to make your hair resilient against damage by repairing it from the inside-out. Regardless of how damaged your hair is feeling, your hair will be left looking and feeling renewed, elastic and smooth. The Fusion range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, mask and mini travel pack, including a free turban and PVC bag.


    3. The Wella Professionals Invigo Range

    The Invigo Range is made up of five smaller ranges, which include Invigo Balance, Invigo Blonde Recharge, Invigo Color Brilliance, Invigo Nutri-Enrich and Invigo Volume Boost.

    In terms of the Invigo Balance range, these Wella hair products were specifically formulated for those that experience scalp sensitivity. The Invigo Blonde Recharge is the perfect addition to maintain in-salon lightening. Whereas, the Invigo Color Brilliance is able to maintain all colour-treated hair. If you struggle with dry or distressed hair, the Invigo Nutri-Enrich products are the ideal addition to your hair care routine. Finally, if you are wanting to add volume to your hair, the Invigo Volume Boost products is the mini range for you.


    4. The Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Range

    The Oil Reflections range leaves the hair feeling smooth and looking luminous. The ingredients infused in these Wella hair products, such as camellia oil, macadamia oil and white tea extract, help protect your hair from degeneration. The range is made up of a conditioner, mask, smoothing oil and mini travel pack, including a free turban and PVC bag.


    There are several different Wella hair products available in South Africa to choose from. If you’re still unsure on which products would benefit your hair most, consult with a hair professional for advice.