EVE To Globally Release in August 2020

  • You do bring up some good points which I did not believe. You're right that these careers might not be for. I getting an understanding of figuring out the planet and EVE Echoes ISK navigating. From the point of view of a noob: The first things I did (besides the apparent fighting and loosing) in elite harmful and EVE were hauling assignments. These, from what we know, at least, are available even for alphas. From the echoes beta I had round about a week before I dare to use the selling side of the market.

    Eve's PC community is definately different from echoes throughout beta. Throughout testing, comments this was overwhelmingly positive, constructive, and also the majority of users around the sub were optimistic with eachother. Eve online's community, or more specifically, eve's community, is a little more jaded, and filled with a lot more vitrol, shit posts along with the occasional rant at CCP, there was a few times where that kind of attitude started to slide here however, fortunately always the minority. Whether this will remain after release in August who knows but, hopefully at least I will be here to assist I imagine it's going to get busy.

    Thanks for explaining, as an eve vet I was not certain if it was only some carebear that could not manage eve on PC or when there were legitimate concerns. I would say eve is about as useful to how eve as tits are about a frog. That being said the community as a whole had and has its reasons to be angry at CCP - they have made a lot of mistakes through time, a lot of them have still to be fixed. A good deal of people continue to play with eve due to the community despite a number of the really bad things in sport (Sov warfare). But whenever there's something new I get the impression that the huge majority of people are supporting it and encourage CCP. I know when I heard about Echos I was excited since it could potentially be a huge growth area to get people onto the PC game, which it badly needs.

    I've played PC eve for around a decade now, not only do I understand a lot of the greivances occasionally, I am sure I've probably become the specific shit posting vitriolic enthusiast we worry about here. Fortunately eve's community mindset appears to function as community, not the people themselves, therefore most individuals don't have an issue understanding this area is a bit more optimistic about things. I mean, with Echoes moving public I'm sure there will be a LOT more work for us mods than we have had of recent (Next to none.) As well as the neighborhood may well change however, I think moving forward maintaining the mindset we've seen up to now in the echoes community is probably a fantastic focus and keeps the feedback more precious for both players and devs.https://www.fastisk.com/