Basic Terms of our Services

Terms of our Services (Basic)

You bear full responsibility of all the activities you undertake on the website. This includes any kind of content you post or display and the consequences that arise thereof. Almost all content you post, display or submit on the can immediately be viewed by the entire global public- other websites, and third party services- by default. You may go to the account settings page and determine which aspects of your content should be seen by the entire public. We recommend that you publicly display or submit or post only content that you are comfortable to share publicly under these terms.


We require that you establish a binding contract with that you are not (either individually, or part of a group) prevented by the laws of the United States or any other relevant authority from receiving services from websites like If you consent to our terms of services on your own behalf, or on behalf of an organization, a government institution, a company, an association or a legal body, you represent and so establish that you have gained the authority to do so and be in be in compliance with our terms of service, and all other relevant local, state, national, and international laws, rules and regulations. offers services that evolve continuously, making the nature of the services constantly changing from time to time. We may exercise our rights to provide changes, or stop (permanently, or temporarily) our services, some or all of our features within our services to you and other users in general, without providing you with any prior notice. These changes may also entail the use of our discretion to create limitations on the storage, access, and use of the website at any time without prior warning to you.


These services may include advertisements in the form of videos, texts, or any other form of announcement, which aim at providing information on or promoting the services, inquiries made through the services, or through any other source of information. The categories and extent of advertising or announcements by are subject to change. Considering that may grant you access to use the services, you agree that we and our third party providers and partners may place such advertising on our services; or with regards to the submission, posting, or display of the content or information, myjoye may place them from our services to other services we partner with whether submitted by you or others. Terms                                                                                                                                            Next Terms of Service