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Ending The Terms of Service on Myjoye.com


These terms of service will remain applicable until terminated by Myjoye.com and you as follows: You have the sole responsibility and right to terminate our legal contract with Myjoye.com at any time and for any reason by disabling your account and ceasing to use the services, without any notification (either before or after the deactivation) Myjoye.com. If for any reason you are unable to deactivate the account even though you cease to use the account, your account may be deactivated on the grounds of prolonged inactivity under our Inactive Account Policy.


Myjoye.com may suspend or terminate your account or discontinue with the provision of our services to you whenever we so determine for any reason, including, but not limited to, if we have reasonable cause to believe:


i) You have infringed upon the terms or the Myjoye.com rules.


ii) Your use of our services poses a risk or legal liability for us


iii) The provision of our services to you is considered to be commercially not feasible to myjoye.com. We will make all necessary efforts to inform you the next time you attempt to sign into your account or by the email address identified with your account


Under all such circumstances where your terms may terminate without limitation, your license to use our services, the following sections shall continue to apply: 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10. The disclaimer and privacy policy section shall also continue to apply.


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