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What is Direct Blogging?

About Direct Blogging


Personalized messages are the private or confidential communications that happen one-on-one between account users. Personalized messages cannot be assessed by the entire public.


  The basics of blogging


  • You may conveniently start a private or confidential blog with any other person.

  • Any user in a group conversation will be able to send messages directly to the group. All participants in the group conversation can communicate directly to the group and all group members will be able to see all the messages.

  • New users can join into ongoing group conversations, but they will be unable to see the prior history of the conversations.

  • In both one-on-one and group conversations, you cannot be in a conversation with someone you block.

To send a direct blog from your account:


  1. Click on blogs. You’ll be directed to the blogs page.

  2. Tap/ click write new entry and compose your new blog message below.

  3. Enter your message.

  4. In the privacy box you may select the target audience of your message and then.

  5. Post your message