About Us

About Us

Party PictureMyjoye.com, Global Events Center is a social and economic networking platform that serves as a virtual community where individuals can socialize with each other, post future events, post and exchange their pictures and videos and hold discussions on a broad spectrum of topics.


Why Choose Us

My Joy Events Center provides much functionalities and browsing experience to all groups of people than other social networking sites that are available. With My Joy Events, Non-Profit Organizations, government institutions, and other international organizations can create their corporate accounts for the marketing and provision of their services through this virtual community.Enjoyment 

Individuals and organizations can also hold virtual conferences, live fairs, training programs, workshops, presentations, and fund-raising activities through the accounts that they have opened on this virtual community platform.

Other unforgettable experiences members on My Joy Events get include the following:


Community Features

Forums and Photos, liking and sharing

Batch Posting of Photos and Videos

Unlimited sub-groups

Customizable Member Profiles

Member Categories (categories list has to be provided)

Email Broadcast capability (newsletter function is very tricky and becomes expensive to maintain because of the changing rules on email spam filters)

Ability for members to search for events per Country/State/City


Publishing Features

Advanced Blog Feature

SEO Optimized

Ability to add multiple Blogs - invite other experts and / or members to co-publish


Social Integration Features

Integrate your Youtube and Vimeo Videos on Social Channel Pages

Real-Time aggregated Activity Feed


Our Mission

We have a mission is to create, sustain, and constantly improve upon virtual global socializing and business interactions all over the world.



It is our vision to use the dynamics and influence of the internet to help individuals and businesses engage in regular dealings with other individuals, groups, and organizations from all walks of life.

Our vision is also to facilitate the immediate streaming of information from point-to-point. This will entail the flow of individual communications to other individuals, and multiple communications from one source to many receivers, where information becomes available as feedbacks immediately that are created and streamed between individuals or groups, or organizations.


Core Values

We uphold a credible social networking environment, with accountability, as well as client equity and fairness. We have staff who uphold our values with a high sense of integrity with our clients.


What you expect to see and be a part of

At myjoye.com, or Global Events Center, we expect that you will experience live events, news, entertainment and more - A virtual counterpoise of all that occurs in your real business and social environment, but on a grand global scale. You will be able to establish new rapports with people from differing cultural, academic, educational and business affiliations and identify yourself as a genuine member of a global community.

Myjoye Event Center is here for you, your friends, your family and your business to benefit from. It takes only a little effort and time to open an account and become part of this valuable community.