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  • ulovers doll The Topic Of Realistic Sex Dolls In the early days, this simple plastic wm doll did not look like a human being, but it was still sold and loved. In the mid-19th century, science helped us switch from cloth and leather to rubber, then synthetic rubber. Rubber has been around for a while, but before the advent of vulcanization technology, it deformed very quickly and would agglomerate after heating. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April every year, he will take the wm doll to a picnic. He believes that Saori is his true love and regards Eva as a relative. He said: "I will not cheat, nor will I do anything beyond the regulations, because I have treated her as an adult." We talked about the topic of realistic sex dolls, and the comments from netizens are really mixed. In the impression of many people, it is just a child holding a small doll without leaving his hand, but an adult holding the doll for half a step, and even "showing affection" on social platforms. This is really boring. Change the dog food in one bite! But is this true love? He is a middle-aged man who is nearly 50 years old and has a 20-year-old daughter. As for how his wife is, it is inconvenient for others to ask, but it will not be a pleasant thing, just like chatting. Nick said: "People will betray, but love dolls will not." Love in this era is like a horse and a flower, said to be free and easy, but slightly pale. The world of silicone sex dolls is full of bizarre emotional stories, which makes people feel full of emotions. It was born like a person. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the inner emotions it can satisfy are also an important factor that is more attractive. Both men and women need emotional sustenance, otherwise it is like duckweed floating in the red dust. But the question is, when can such an activated "him" be safely settled at home? "A robotic arm that can support all the silicone weight of the body is very powerful. If there is a problem with its operation, it may hurt people."
    Wed at 12:02 AM