Tips to Get Out Bronze Fast in League of Legends

  • League of Legends Season 10 will officially start on January 10 and players are asking themselves the same question: How can I rank up?

    This guide includes some useful tips that will help you improve as a League of Legends player once the ranked season starts. It won’t be easy and nothing is guaranteed, so buckle up and get ready for another season of play.

    Learn your best roles

    When you’re trying to climb the ladder, the most important part is to have a main role and a secondary role. You should be able to play your main role at a good level and be competent at the secondary role. To do so, you must understand your responsibilities on the team. Once you pick a role, it is time to build a champion pool.

    At the lower elo levels, the players should have a champion pool that includes two to five champions. More than five is too many, and being a one-trick is not advisable. Stick to a smaller champion pool and as you get better at the game, you can start adding more champions.

    In the current state of game, it is possible to flex a single champion into two different roles. For example, if you’re a main top laner and secondary jungler, Jax is a viable option for both roles. Irelia, Jayce, and Akali can be played in top lane and mid lane. If you master a champion that can be flexed, it will be easier to climb from different positions.

    Once you find the champions that work for you, learn as much about them as you possibly can. There are dozens of websites that teach the most optimal builds and runes for the champions in every patch. Some of these sites also include the runes and builds preferred by the pro players. A common mistake is to pick a rune tree and build without really knowing what it does for the champion.

    Take time to learn what it is that your champion needs. Some champions need more cooldown reduction, while others are more mana-hungry. In either case, you need an optimal build and set of runes that provide you with the resources that your champion requires. If you want to be able to carry a team of Iron players, you need to be an expert on your role and champion. It takes time and effort, but it will be worth it.

    Getting More Creep Scores (CS)

    Getting more gold than the opponent will allow you to buy items before them. This means you should get used to last hitting minions to earn enough gold ASAP. Remember that every minion you fail to last hit will keep you longer from getting your items and power spikes. With perfect last hitting, a player can have 50 minion kills within the first five minutes.

    One of the best ways to practice last hitting is to go to the game’s sandbox mode and practice without any opponents. Try to last hit enough minions as close to 50 until the five-minute mark. If you’re last hitting less than 20 until then, restart and try again. Once you’re consistently scoring around 40 or more, try last hitting with AI opponents until you are comfortable with last hitting under pressure.

    Proper Positioning and Trading

    Because team coordination is barely existent in Bronze and Iron Division, winning or losing the laning phase will usually decide the outcome of the match later on. That being said, you should always strive to win the laning phase. This is where positioning and trading will play a very important role.


    Positioning refers to where you should be given a certain situation in the game. For example, let’s say you are playing a support like Morgana, you’d want to place yourself in a spot where your Dark Binding (Q) is not blocked by enemy minions while still having your marksman within range of your Black Shield . This will force the enemies to back off because they could get rooted and take extra damage, putting them at a further disadvantage.


    Trading is a more complicated part of the game, but it goes hand in hand with proper positioning if you want to win the laning phase. Simply put, trading refers to one or more champs dealing and receiving damage. You need two things to trade favorably: better stats (courtesy of having better items or a higher level), proper positioning and what champion you are up against, since some champions counters others etc.

    Picking when to make trades depends on a wide variety of factors, but here are a few situations where you should consider getting a few hits in:

    The opponent is attempting to last hit a minion and in range of your ability or auto-attack.

    The enemy is pushing forward and your jungler is nearby to cut off their retreat.

    You or a nearby teammate has a crowd control ability ready

    Obtaining Information

    One of the biggest reasons why Bronze and Iron (and even higher) players end up losing is lack of information. A lot of game-ending ambushes could be prevented just by knowing where the enemy champions are. There are three things related to info that you have to prioritize in Bronze and Iron: learning to check the minimap, planting wards, and keeping track of the enemy’s ability and summoner cooldowns.

    Check your minimap as much as you possibly can.

    It might sound basic but people really don't use it as much as they should. Checking your minimap will help you know exactly what is going on in the game at pretty much all times and can potentially save your life when the enemy jungler comes knocking. The most effective way of keeping tabs on the map is to glance at it every time you go to CS a minion as you should really be going for a CS every couple of seconds (and a couple of seconds is enough time for something major to happen.) You don't need to stare at the map but just try and look for these key things:

    Enemies not where they're supposed to be.

    Players icons are incredibly close (This is a key sign there's a fight happening)

    The location of your jungler

    One way to help yourself get used to the minimap is to set a recurring timer. By setting your timer to beep once every 10 seconds (more frequent is better), you’ll soon be able to check the minimap regularly like it’s second nature.

    Using Wards

    Proper warding will drastically increase your chances of winning because it gives your team more time to react to enemy plays. A good rule of thumb is to use up your remaining gold after buying your recent batch of items to purchase sentry wards. Sure, a couple of wards may send you back 150 gold, but two wards could keep you from dying to an otherwise avoidable gank.

    Ward Effectively

    Warding and vision control are key elements to League of Legends that many players do not often take full advantage of. To ward effectively is to do more than just ward the nearest River or Tri-Brush near you. Many people will often just ward the nearest spot they might be ganked from by the enemy Jungler.

    This is not necessarily the wrong thing to do, but you can get much more out of your wards! If you have Lane Pressure, this is a great time to try to get some deep wards in the enemy Jungle early so that you can keep track of the Jungler even when you are not getting ganked!

    This is important for obvious reasons, as you can do a lot with the information that these wards will provide. You can keep track of enemy Jungle timers and even try to contest enemy buffs with your Jungler or solo, if you are far enough ahead already!

    This will allow you to snowball even more in your lane while at the same time setting back another player on the enemy team! Warding effectively and focusing on your map between farming and trading with your lane opponent will give you much more of an edge than you may initially think, and it is important to use every possible edge you can to your advantage!

    With the information you gather with the vision you have, you will also be able to roam more efficiently and effectively, as there will be times you need to know when not to roam or when to follow your Lane opponent.

    Getting Help from the Best

    If you want to get out of Bronze and Iron, the quickest way to improve your game is to study the game. Fortunately, we have something that can help you out: Udemy is offering comprehensive online lessons for League of Legends.

    This online course is made by actual professional gamers, most notably by Nicholas “Nico the Pico” Korsgård, a former challenger-level jungler with experience coaching for some of the most successful teams in LoL’s Esports scene such as Fnatic, Origen, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and currently Bandito.

    Champion select

    In bronze there is no such things as a counter to a player that knows how to play a champion well. This means that if you are good with a champion that it should not matter if your opponent picks your counter, as your knowledge of your own champion should out match that of your opponent. As much as your team mates suggest for you to play a counter to a certain champion, you should stick to what you know. If you do not know the in's and outs of a certain champion then don't pick them. You must know how to play at least two champions from each lane before you enter a ranked lobby, that's the minimum requirement. If you do not know how to play at least 2 champions from each lane, its time to leave ranked and go practice in normal lobbies. Are you still stuck in Bronze, Silver or Gold in League of Legends? Want to raise your rank and get out of your rut? Click to learn more information, here you also can Sell/Buy League Accounts