What's the Classification of Washer Motors

  • At present, the Washer Motor on the market are divided into several types such as induction washer motors, direct drive washer motors and brushless washer motors. Among them, induction washer motors are mainly used in pulsator washing machines, and direct drive washer motors and brushless washer motors are used in drum washing machines.

    The induction washer motor is a common single-phase washer motor and contains a capacitor inside. This washer motor does not have the function of adjusting the speed. In order to have a variable speed function, it can be adjusted by modifying the windings. Such "two-speed" washer motors are generally used in pulsator washing machines. Since it cannot withstand the spin speed, it cannot be used in a drum washing machine.

    Compared with other washer motors, the brushless washer motor eliminates the stator brush, which further accelerates the response of the washer motor to the operation. Since there is no brush, the washer motor does not produce toner between the frictions, which avoids safety hazards. This type of washer motor has some advantages of DC brush washer motor, such as lower cost and higher efficiency, but from the structural point of view, the washer motor still uses a belt connection, which is easy to slip in the case of heavy water vapor.

    Direct drive washer motor from the structure point of view, there is no ordinary DC washer motor belt, reducer and other components, but directly connected to the drum. This structure makes the washer motor more secure and does not cause belt slippage, which prolongs the service life of the washing machine. At the same time, the washer motor's speed range is wider after the connection components are removed. Although such washer motors have excellent performance, they are frequently found in high-end washing machines due to their high cost.

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