The Event Industry’s Newest Pop Up Event Facility

  • Are you looking for a unique, innovative pop up event facility for your next event? Well, whether for a birthday, corporate function, product launch or other special occasion, there has been a new addition in the event industry that will take your event to the next level - introducing, the arctic disco! Not only is this facility perfect for a pop up event, as it can be set up in virtually any location in Cape Town, but it also has a spacious inside, allowing you to create any aesthetic that best suits the needs of your event. (Info source:


    If you’re worried the arctic disco dome may not be spacious enough to host the number of guests you were hoping to, hire two and connect them! One of the most attractive features of this pop up facility, other than the fact that it looks like an arctic igloo, is the fact that two arctic igloos can be conjoined. The arctic disco dome also comes in two sizes, namely 8m and 12m, which can host a maximum capacity of 60 and 180 guests respectively. However, if you were to conjoin the two, your maximum capacity can be increased to 220 guests.


    In terms of the décor and set up of the arctic disco dome, all you have to do is find a reputable and trusted events company that supplies this type of event infrastructure. The company will do everything else for you, should you require them to. From the setup and lighting to the décor and sound systems, the events company you hire the arctic disco dome from may be able to handle all the other bits and bobs for you. Due to the fact that the disco dome’s inside is blank, the décor possibilities and options are endless. No matter what your event requirements are, you’ll have an incredible blank canvas to work with. Not to mention, a highly unique infrastructure.


    The artic disco dome is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your guests, especially if it is for a product launch. Think about it, clients and customers will be swept away by the unique approach you took for your event. It will be something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, an event they’ll always align with your brand. What better way to host a product launch?


    In terms of birthdays or other special occasions, the arctic disco dome will certainly make for a memorable evening. When celebrating with friends and family, all one wants is to create beautiful memories that one can hold onto forever. As such, the arctic disco dome is the perfect addition to any event.


    If you’re looking for a way to make your event unique, if you want your event to remain in the minds of your guests for the rest of their lives, or if you’re looking for a pop up event facility that’s more than a simple, boring tent, consider hiring an arctic disco dome.