The 4 Key Functions of SEO Companies

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) is usually carried out by digital marketing companies and professionals who work with websites to secure their high ranking on search engine result pages. A reliable SEO company in Cape Town employs a team of experts, who aim to increase the search engine visibility of a website, with the use of different strategies and tools.

    The increasing demand for online marketing has made SEO an inseparable part of business promotion. Several small- and large-scale companies can reach the global market with the correct implementation of SEO strategies.

    Here are some of the important tasks that SEO companies undertake for their clients.

    Keyword Research

    The key element to make an SEO campaign successful is keyword research. This research helps identify the topics/keywords and phrases relevant to a specific business. When you choose a reliable SEO company for your digital marketing, they will do research on what phrases are used when customers search online for a specific product.

    The professionals know that a keyword or the keyword phrase must be effective to generate the right traffic. Also, the keyword should not be too competitive, as it is difficult to obtain top ranking positions with highly competitive keywords. Most importantly, the keyword should match the product or service offered on the site.

    On-Page Optimisation

    The experts do on-page optimisations to ensure that Google understands what the content is about. The process involves the use of keywords in strategic locations on the page to make them explicable to both Google and the readers. Keywords and phrases are generally used in the title tag, URL, header tags, all image tags and captions, and within the content. Therefore, the optimisations need to make use of the keywords for positive results.

    Link Building

    Experienced professionals know that inbound links play an important role in improving the rankings of a website. Although link building is necessary for achieving the high rankings, it is a tedious and time-consuming process. There are several activities carried out by professionals like submitting client sites to local directories, using SEMrush to find out who links to the competitor sites, and creating long-form content pieces that bloggers usually link to. In addition to this, they do guest posting on high-quality sites. These strategies can assist with improving the rank of a website.

    Promotion on Social Media

    Social media is considered an important tool for the promotion and distribution of content. When the content is widely shared, more people can see it and can visit the site. It is one of the best ways to create, as well as improve, the brand image. Consequently, the rankings improve, and the website starts to benefit.

    Executing these simple, yet essential, SEO strategies can significantly improve the ranking of a company’s website. As these strategies are an integral part of successful SEO, ensure the SEO company you hire or go into business with offers these services as part of their SEO package.