Reasons you need multiple domain names

  • Every business owner with a website knows that registering a domain name is the very first step of building a website. However, most people become content after purchasing one domain. Considering the low cost of domain registration in South Africa, it is a common mistake to stop purchasing after getting only one domain. (Info source: are several reasons why companies must consider having multiple domain names for their business, such as:

    • Search Engine Results

    Websites with multiple domain names attached to them are a lot easier to find. Therefore, when people enter relevant queries on the search engines, the possibilities of your company appearing increase.

    • Search Engine Optimisation

    You need to know that content on the website is not the only place to enter keywords. The impact is even better when you have keyword-rich domains. Naturally, if you have multiple domains, then the intensity of keywords plays a major role in the search engine optimisation plan. As a result, the search engine discoverability is increased, and it increases traffic to the site as well.

    • Expansion

    Generally, small start-ups begin their businesses locally. However, after some years, they may successfully obtain the resources and reputation to direct their brand more globally. Keep in mind that to start branching into international markets, your website should have country-specific domains. Rather than a domain name, you will do way better with specific domain registration in South Africa such as .africa, .capetown, .joburg, and .durban.

    • Brand Protection

    As soon as your business enters the online space, it becomes vital to protect your brand and online identity. If you secure a variety of domain names, your brand presence will be boosted inevitably. As a result, nobody will be able to hijack your company’s online presence.

    • Restriction of Competitors

    Regardless of the types of products or services you offer, there are always a thousand other companies who provide the same thing. Not to mention, all of them are securing domain names for their businesses. By registering more than one domain name, you can reduce the chances of having a similar domain name as your competitor. Similar domain names restrict your online reach, so this matter must be taken care of.

    • Special Offers

    You can promote several services and products via specialised landing pages by having multiple domains registered. This is one of the main reasons companies opt for more than one domain name.

    • Misspelling

    It is a common practice in SEO to add keywords with misspellings; especially when you are running a pay per click campaign. Doing the same with domain names is a wise thing to do. By doing this, you can ensure that customers can find your business even when they misspell your business name while searching for it online. Domain names with misspellings will direct those customers to your website by preventing them from visiting an error page.

    Contact digital marketing companies if you want your business website to have multiple business domain registrations in South Africa.