Path of Exile: The Harvest of the Union of Gardeners overwhelms

  • In "Path of Exile: Harvest", we must plant POE Currency in the Oshabis garden, which makes many players sweat.

    Last weekend, Harvest opened the latest league on the path of exile. The Irration League has previously caused many players to sweat within the time limit, and they hope to be able to breathe in the comfortable garden. But they may have done this calculation without developer Grinding Gear Games.

    Gardening in the path of exile: The harvest starts at a leisurely pace: the player places the collector in his garden, where he can plant seeds. After a few growth cycles, you can harvest: monsters sprout from the seeds and reward us with plunder and crafting opportunities. So far, so easy.

    However, we have also found higher-level seeds in the beast, which requires our harvesting system to have a very special structure-from here, it becomes slow but safe and incredibly complicated.

    Not only must we place the seeds so that they are surrounded by some other seeds-we must also install irrigation systems and silos. Finally, all buildings still need to be networked with the tower so that the collected "fertilizer" can be stored and distributed.

    At first glance it sounds not so bad, but in fact it is very complicated. Fortunately, the first players started making blueprints for the perfect garden layout. However, the start is relatively simple, and it has developed into a competition among various POE enthusiasts. They hope to use their farmland as efficiently as possible through POE Items Buy.