Diablo 4 will be better in the direction of Path of Exile

  • The Path of Exile has a huge, informal trading market, with many independent services, price comparison websites, and modifications to facilitate trading. At the same time, Activision Blizzard will want to maintain tight control, and may even profit from sales in some way, even if the transaction gives up real money. This is a wrong path, although POE once again shows possible effects, even by selling POE Currency to the player's clipboard.

    Informal transactions are also difficult to reconcile with game consoles, which will undoubtedly be very important for "Diablo 4". In addition, the idea of ??introducing a wider appeal during the season will conflict with the demand to generate profits, because then what will creators offer in the larger paid extensions known for that cycle?

    For Diablo 4 to develop in the direction of "game as a service" and to coordinate with the needs of publishers, for publishers, the ideas described seem to be low-income, which is extremely difficult work. Creative Director Sebastian St?pień collected the experience of The Witcher, each subsequent issue of this series is very different from the previous version-this is a good sign.

    Indeed, Grinding Gear Games is in a completely different situation, and can afford the generous mode of free games, and the profit source is limited, unable to provide hundreds of cosmetics and other tags in the clipboard. Blizzard must generate "real" money to please shareholders.

    What's more pitiful is that the two most useful ideas, extensive trading and the appeal of poe currency, may be the most difficult to borrow from the path of exile. Time will tell whether we have enough courage to adopt this method, or whether we will continue to get the continuation of Diablo III. "Diablo 3" is a successful and exquisite game, from then on we will inadvertently switch to "Path of Exile" again.

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