Ant-Man Cosplay Costumes Reivews

  • The wasp has the same amazing contraction ability as the ant-man. Their fighting posture is more flexible and delicate than the ants, and they walk freely on the blade. The wasp not only has wings that the ants don’t have, but also many high-tech deadly weapons.
       Deliver was very very fast and communication with seller is great. But satisfied with the costume. I ordered a suitable custom size, and it does really fit. Jumpsuit looks more like heavy motorcykle overall, details are so good as I thought. Leg guards and gloves are beautiful.
       I love it. The shoes fits and it looks great. The size is , and I fit it better with mah butt and breast. And I could get a proper size because it would have been good for me.
       Cosplay of the ant-man film wasp. The quality of fabrics is very high. The fabric is elastic and tough. He's got a lot of details. It's certainly one of the best replicas they sell, and it took fast time to reach there. Shipping by fast and without customs problems. Ps: the costumes and boots are from this seller. I recommend it to 100%.
       We loved it! Like the picture, excellent quality arrived long before time.Very good, just to order, excellent delivery time. Fabulous and awesome. Recommended 100%
       With a name like Ant-Man, you would be surprised at the power this guy.After maverick biophysicist Dr.'Hank' Pym discovered a revolutionary chemical substance - Pym Particles that allowed him to alter his size, he decided to become a pint sized superhero, fight crime and be a founder member of the Avengers. With the ability to shrink in size but grow in strength, he really is not one to be messed with! This Ant-Man Morphsuit is going to be the cause of a lot of mayhem! Ant-Man is a character that not a lot of people have heard of - yet, (unless you are a huge Marvel fan). This is a great Marvel character that is going to make his presence known in 2015, so if I were you, I would be purchasing this costume again, like now. This amazing Marvel Ant-Man costume is perfect if you are attending a Marvel, Halloween, Hero & Villains, Superhero, TV, Movie themed party.High materials: The full set of clothing is made of pearl leather, knitted fabric, composite leather and spandex leather.
       I need to make a few minor alterations to make it fit perfectly, but it fits me better than most items I buy. The gloves are huge but once again, easily altered if you sew.
       A little tight on the arms, but otherwise a perfect suit, and you need to choose properly. Very stable, nothing flimsy, beautiful design.
       The costume is very comfortable and bright. Size came up perfectly for everyone. The order came quickly.