7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Shop From a Local Butcher

  • When it comes to purchasing meat products, there are typically three options you can choose from: you can purchase from a butchery in Cape Town, your local supermarket or from a restaurant if you really enjoy the cuts they offer. One common misconception about meat is that supermarkets offer the most affordable products. Whereas, this is often not the case. There are also several reasons and benefits as to why people should opt for purchasing from a butchery in Cape Town rather than from their local supermarket. (Info Source: https://richmeats.capetown/

    1. Butchers have a much wider selection of meats

    One of the main reasons why everyone should purchase from a local butchery in Cape Town is that they have far more options in terms of the types of meats being sold, as well as the different cuts being offered. Since butchers specialise in meat, they will have everything from speciality items to your more common meats like steaks, roasts, shanks, ground meats, etc.

    2. Butchers offer better quality meat

    Meat purchased from a butchery is also generally fresher than the pre-packaged meat you would find at supermarkets. While the meat at a supermarket is pre-cut, packaged and laid out until someone purchases it, the meat at a butchery is typically cut in front of the customer, ensuring it’s freshness.

     3. You’ll always know what you’re getting

    When you purchase from a butchery, you can be informed on every step of the process. They will be able to tell you exactly what farm the animal was raised on, what part of the animal the cut came from, when the meat arrived at the butchery, as well as how long it will stay fresh for. It’s far more transparent than purchasing from a supermarket.

     4. It can help to boost the local economy

    Everyone has heard the saying “local is lekker”. When you’re contemplating whether to purchase from a supermarket or butchery in Cape Town, always support the smaller, local businesses. Not only will it help to boost the local economy, but you will also be supporting responsibly sourced meat.

     5. They deliver remarkable customer service

    One thing many people seem to forget is the relationship you can form with your local butcher. When purchasing from a butchery, it becomes a personal experience. Butchers want you to love their meat, which is why they’ll recommend which cuts would be best, as well as provide you with cooking tips for the meat.

     6. It can be just as affordable as a grocery store

    As mentioned previously, butchers deliver exceptional customer service. When it comes to the cost, if a certain cut is too expensive for you, they can recommend which cut would be the most cost-effective alternative, without sacrificing flavour.

    7. Butchers possess expert knowledge

    Many butchers have years of experience on their side. Not only are they well-trained, but they are also incredibly passionate. Your satisfaction is every butcher’s top priority, meaning they will be more than happy to pass that expert knowledge onto you if you were to ask for cooking, preparing or seasoning advice.