Appliances, Furniture and More - You Can Store It All!

  • Storage units in Cape Town are extremely popular, and for good reason. There are a lot of Capetonians that make use of storage units for an array of reasons. Whether you are downsizing your house, leaning towards a more minimalist lifestyle, storing household items and furniture pieces away for your children once they move out, making more space in your home or office, or storing your collectables, such as cars, figurines, comic books, etc., there are many reasons we choose to make use of storage facilities.

    However, that does not necessarily mean the storage unit that is located ten minutes away from where you live is a good choice. In terms of convenience, it probably is, but when you are leaving your possessions somewhere, ones that might be worth a hefty value, you want to be reassured that the storage unit that you have chosen is one that is safe and secure to the best of their ability.

    Therefore, speaking to the owner or reading through the website of the storage unit in mind is a good idea. This can help you learn what precautionary security measurements the owner of the storage unit has implemented to ensure their client’s possessions are safe at their storage facility.

    When you are in the process of choosing a storage unit, distance should not be your main concern. While you will obviously not want to use a storage unit that is ridiculously far from where you live, you should not select one solely based on location, as all you will get is a storage unit that is close to where you live, and that is no good.

    There are a few requirements storage units need to meet for it to be deemed a well-established and reliable storage unit. The first will always be the precautionary security measurements that we discussed previously in this article. The second factor worth consideration is the actual storage units themselves. You either know what kind of size storage unit you are looking for or you have a rough estimation in your head, and it is up to you to check the sizes of the storage units to ensure all your possessions can fit into one storage unit instead of two, which can be taxing on the pocket.

    Those are arguably the most imperative factors to consider before picking any storage unit. Another factor that is more a luxury than a necessity is the help offered by the storage unit. It is imperative to check if there is any offered assistance for helping you pick up, deliver, and store your possessions.

    After having found the information above, you can then ask about any extras the owner of the storage unit might offer. One such extra could be something like if they supply any packaging supplies to ensure that any of your valuables that you are storing at the unit is protected from other element’s like the build-up of stagnant dust, which can tarnish the quality of many household possessions.