The best hair care products for men

  • Unless you are a trainer hair stylist, it can be really hard to know and identify the differences between all of the hair products out there. Especially now in the 21st century, everyday there are new products that are being developed and new technology that is being used to improve the quality and effectiveness of hair products. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you would like the product to accomplish for you. An easy way to think about this is focussing on two key factors: Hold and Shine. By this I mean what kind of hold do you want the product to give your hair and how shiny do you want your hair to be?

    At times it may get even more complex. For example, if you start using secondary products on your hair like hair oil and salt spray then you need to know what they do and how to use them. In other words, how much texture and volume would you like to achieve? You also need to know if you should apply the product while your hair is still wet or if you should apply the product to a set of dry hair. Another thing that complicates the process of choosing the right hair products is the fact that companies will make hybrid products (Making one product that accomplishes 2 or more goals) or they alter the original ingredients of a certain product to their own liking. Now that we understand why it can be complicated for men to choose the right hair product, lets look at some of the best hair products for men in South Africa and what they are used for.

    Hair Paste: Hair paste is used to provide a medium hold, light shine when applied dry and a high hold, medium shine when applied to damp hair. This is the perfect product for you if you have thin hair because it will apply a slight lift and make it look like you have more hair.

    Styling Cream: People use styling cream if they would like to achieve a light hold with a light shine. Keep the styling cream for those days that you want feather-light hair with a flowy and natural style. You may also use a dollop of this cream to detain any flyaways or pieces of hair that are not listening to you.

    Hair Fiber: Hair fiber is great for all different hair types but works especially well when it comes to thick hair. If you apply it to a dry set of hair, it will texturize the hair while locking it in place. It provides a strong hold while emitting no shine at all.

    Hair Gel:  One of the most commonly used products to style hair, Gel provides a strong hold while giving off a luscious high shine.

    Hair Wax: Another common item that guys use, Wax provides a high hold with low to medium shine. This product is perfect for short hair but can still aid in styling when it comes to those longer locks.

    So, decide on what kind of look you are going for and pick the product that will help you achieve this goal.