The Impact of a Voice Over Artist

  • Picture two explainer videos, or advertisements - both have been crafted exceptionally well, with sophisticated story lines, creative use of colour and graphics, and relatable characters. As you can tell, both videos are perfectly capable of getting the intended messages across to the audience. However, what if one of the videos were voiceless? Imagine that the one video does not have a voice-over. This means that the only way the viewer would be able to understand the intended message would be by deciphering the message from the video themselves. While the voiceless video may still hold a small amount of interest from the audience, it would not do as great a job in delivering the message as the video with a voice over would.

    This is where the importance of a voice over and voice over artist comes into play. In order for someone to fully understand a character or engage with a message, they need to be able to connect with something outside of themselves. This is why there are so many companies looking to source a voice over artist in Cape Town. These artists are able to change everything in a video, because their voices convey the message. Voice over artists can transcend a video to connect to the viewer. This is especially important when targeting a specific demographic. You need to ensure that the voice over artist you utilise will be considered “relatable” by your target audience. At the end of the day, a well-crafted video needs to have a perfect balance between the voice and video itself.

    When it comes to looking for a voice over artist in Cape Town, as well as determining whether they are necessary or not, consider the following benefits:

    • Authentic voice overs make long-lasting connections

    By utilising a voice over artist, you can provide your brand and marketing message with a level of authenticity that places you ahead of your competitors. These artists can spark a sense of interest in your customers and entice them to invest in your product.


    • You can create a range of voice over content

    If you were to hire a voice over artist in Cape Town, you would be able to utilise them for a variety of different projects, ranging from audio books and podcasts to radio advertising and video narration. There is no end to all the ways that one voice over artist can accommodate your business needs and give you a wider digital coverage.


    • There are several voice over artists in the industry

    Finally, there are several different voice over artists in Cape Town that are ready to assist you. Regardless of the gender, age, tone, or language you require for your voice over, you are sure to find an artist that can convey the message according to your requirements.

    As you can tell from the above points, voce over artists can have a huge impact on the success of your company’s marketing messages. However, it is of vital importance that the correct artist be used, especially when targeting a specific demographic.