The Importance of ERP Software in Logistics and Transportation

  • ERP software can be easily integrated into multiple industry domains with various application purposes. It brings all major attributes of a business under one dashboard so all operations can be monitored from a single place. ERP software companies in South Africa offer tailored ERP solutions for agriculture, manufacturing units, and logistics companies.

    Below, a few of the many ways that ERP software plays a key role in transportation and logistics operations will be discussed.

    Secure access to the vendor portal

    ERP software installed into business operations is provided with a secure login account for registered people. It allows them to log into their account securely to know the status of the logistics and other details. Moreover, the user can integrate all communications through secured SMS systems or via email. Thereby, allowing them to receive updates in their personal profiles.

    Optimised inventory management and stock visibility

    In logistics and transportation, the company must keep a note on stock, current requests, the sales tally, and current deliveries enroute. ERP software can help to control all these works from a single dashboard. As a result, business heads can keep a close eye on the current status of the inventory. It can also influence the logistics and transportation industry, leveraging them with the right information and essential tools to determine the number of items in the inventory and out of stock items, as well as handle inbound or outbound orders. With full information of the inventory status, leaders and managers in the logistics industry can make better and faster decisions regarding placing or dispatching orders.

    Maintenance and transportation scheduling

    In transportation, vehicles and the person in charge of the vehicles are the biggest assets. As the logistics network becomes complicated, it becomes more difficult to maintain and plan for the transit schedules. Over time, these complexities can hamper the business to a great extent. ERP solutions make it easier for the company to practise full control and complete visibility of the supply chain network. As a result, the operational fluency of the company is enhanced.

    Live tracking of shipments

    Tracking of shipments can be challenging when they are in transit. ERP software platforms are integrated with live tracking features that allow the distributor or the shipper to access the real-time location of the vehicle. They can also communicate with the delivery person directly. Thus, the overall customer support system for the business is enhanced. It also allows business leaders to leverage real-time and accurate data.

    Staff management

    ERP software companies can help in providing an excellent tool for workforce management in the logistics industry. An integrated ERP platform makes it easy for the managers in the freight operations department to track whereabouts of the employees, like the working hours, leave tracking, break timings, and other indicating attributes. Leaders can access ready-made reports on employee performance with the key performance indication feature installed in the ERP software. Thereby, assisting them with making better workforce decisions.

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