Reasons You Must Own A Diagnostic Scanner for Your Vehicle

  • Vehicles today are made with superior technology. With the help of this technology, when a problem is detected by a sensor, you can see the car’s computer producing a code. Usually, the check engine light comes on at this time. If you see this light, it means that the system has an issue somewhere. However, it is not possible to know where the problems are without reading the codes from the onboard computer. Thus, you need the necessary diagnostics so you can pinpoint the problem. You can find a code scanner from some of the reputed diagnostic tools suppliers in South Africa.

    The main reasons why you would benefit from a code scanner are:

    1. Check for serious problems

    The check engine light can warn you of serious problems on many occasions. It may include a problem where you should not drive the car until the issue has been seen to. The light may also indicate that a sensor is out. You need to fix those, but it is not a problem that requires immediate attention. As such, when you can read your codes, you can determine the severity of the problem and act accordingly.

    1. Compatible across vehicles

    Diagnostic scanners are compatible through various vehicles. In 1996, car manufacturers needed to use a standard diagnostic method. The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) system allows people to purchase one scanner and then use it on many vehicles. Compatibility also means that you do not need to purchase a new scanner every time you get a new car.

    1. Cost-saving

    It should come as no surprise that vehicle diagnostics can be fairly expensive. If you have to bring your car to the mechanic whenever the check light comes on, then you will end up spending a lot of money. However, with a code scanner, you will not have to go to the mechanic all the time as you can do the diagnostics on your own easily. The OBD II connector is easy to locate as it is usually under the dash on the driver’s side. When you find the connector, simply plug it in and follow the directions in the scanner’s manual provided by the diagnostic tools suppliers in South Africa to check what codes have triggered the light.

    1. Portability

    The check engine lights are often seen during travelling. However, since the diagnostic scanners are very small, they can be stored easily within the vehicle. With the scanner onboard, you will not have to track down a repair shop for diagnostics. These scanners make it easy for drivers with their portable package.

    1. A DIY fix potential

    If you can pinpoint the source of your vehicle’s malfunction, then you can also fix it yourself. There are several different online sources where you can learn about the different codes. Along with the codes, you need to research the different signs, such as your car making a specific noise, etc. to narrow down the technical issue and get it fixed.

    There are several different diagnostic tools suppliers in South Africa that will be able to provide you with a scanner.