The Immaculate Versatility of Hair Curling Tools

  • Contrary to popular belief, using a hair curler is not as difficult as many people make it out to be. While there are hundreds upon hundreds of different hair curling tools in South Africa, you need only a handful of them to create a vast variety of hair styles. There are thousands of styles you can create with the right hair curling tools, all that needs to change is the way the tools are used. Whether you want to create a classic updo, flirty curls or playful waves, the styling options are endless when you think about which hair curling tools are the most versatile.

    Over the past few years, the curling wand has gained extensive popularity. Why, you ask? Well, they do not call it a magic wand for nothing. Whether more people prefer the twirl-and-go side of the wand, or the seamless wrapping of hair around the barrel, there are various reasons why the curling wand is one of the most beloved hair curling tools in South Africa. For one, less damage. Say goodbye to pulling and tugging on your hair with a clamp and say hello to natural and defined S-formed spirals that were once deemed impossible if not done by a professional.

    Next, the classical and iconic hair curling tool – the hair rollers! Now, before you think back to that one time you saw your grandmother in her rollers and swear to never use them, think about the convenience and beautiful curls you could create. Not all people have the time in the mornings, or at all, to spend on curling their hair. If you are a busy bee, consider adding rollers to your must-have hair curling tools. Not only can you create a wide range of styles – depending on the size of the roller you use – but you can also carry on with your usual morning routine while the rollers do the work.

    Another underrated hair curling tool that many seem to forget about is the hair dryer! Sure, it may not create the defined curls you could get from a curling wand or hair rollers, but it definitely has a part to play. When you go to the hair salon and have your hair done, do you or do you not ask for a blow out? You do? Well, imagine being able to create a salon-quality blow out every day!

    Not many people are aware that their hair dyer can be used to create soft waves, adding to the fact that it is one of the most underrated hair curling tools in South Africa.

    As you can see, there are many different tools that can give you the fashion runway-ready hair styles you hope to achieve. The secret lies in the way the tool is used, as well as the accessories used alongside said tools. If you really want to reap the benefits of your hair curling tools, search for different tutorials online or ask your hairdresser for tips and tricks on how to create various different styles.