Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Purchase a New Hair Straighten

  • A hair straightener has become somewhat of a staple in the ultimate hair styling tools kit. Whether you’re looking for straight, sleek hair or a slight wave, your straightener can do it all! While most people prioritise taking care of their styling tools, some forget about their lifespan. Whether you are a proud owner of a basic or professional hair straightener in South Africa, it’s important to note that they all have an ‘expiry date’. (Info source


    The time it takes to get to that point, however, is unknown. There are several factors that can influence the expiry of your hair straightener, such as how often you make use of your tools, whether you take proper care of your tools or not, how you store you hair tools, the stability of the electricity current supplying your tools with power, etc. Additionally, it may just be the end of your hair straightener’s lifetime.


    So, what are the signs that indicate your straightener has reached that point? How can you tell whether it’s time to purchase a new hair straightener in South Africa or not? What will happen if you don’t purchase a new hair straightener and keep using the ‘expired’ or damaged one?


    The first and most important indication that you need a new hair straightener is damaged plates. If your heating plates are looking scratched, worn down, dented or as though they have started lifting, you need to consider purchasing a new iron. The damaged coating will not only cause uneven temperature distribution, but it may also pull at your hair. Thereby, causing unnecessary damage to your hair.


    Secondly, if the lights on your hair straightener start flashing, don’t ignore them. The flickering lights may be an indication that there are issues with the heat control settings or that a bigger electrical fault is about to happen. Never risk using a faulty hair straightener. Not only could it do irreparable damage to your hair, but using a faulty electronic appliance so close to your face can also have far more negative effects.


    Thirdly, if you notice any strange odours or noises coming from your straightener, you may need to call customer support or start looking for a new hair straightener in South Africa. These may be indications that the internal motor or electrical wires may be getting old. There is nothing more dangerous than continuing to use an electrical appliance even though the wires are faulty.


    Finally, if you notice that it takes longer for you to straighten or style your hair, or that you’re having to keep going over the same spots, this is a key indication that your hair straightener is beginning to lose power. You may need to consider purchasing a new hair straightener in South Africa, as going over the same pieces of hair may cause unnecessary damage to your hair.


    As you can see, there are several ways to determine whether your hair straightener needs to be replaced. If extra care isn’t taken, it may lead to the damage of your hair.